Why programmer/developer fails?

Have you thought why you are not a good programmer/developer? Just imagine, you already tried so many things but still no luck to make a smart application that would make you happy.

I have been working for years with developers from different regions and what actually I have found? I found that they were always trying to work with so many things at the same time. As a result, after few months trying they failed to reach a satisfactory stage!

I saw few of them fallen into depression, I inspired them to stop and review what they already learned and practiced. I inspired them to try with best tools and continue with that until reaching a satisfactory stage.

So, my suggestions are-

  1. Don’t try many things at same time.
  2. Take one, two, three sequentially (If web dev then- HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL, PHP/Ruby/Python etc.)
  3. Learn in deep and enjoy its beauty
  4. Try to make something nice using each tool
  5. Summarize your work, progress, goal and continue moving to next steps


Happy learning…